Group Personal Training

  • Group Personal Training is a great way to spend time with friends while getting a full body, high intensity workout. You will get a mix of upper body, lower body and core work with some cardio sprinkled in.

    • We have small groups of up to 12 people to fit your needs
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      545 am 415pm 545am 415pm 545 am 715am
      9am 530pm 9am 530pm 9am 815am
      430pm 615pm 430pm 615pm
      630pm 530pm

      Sessions are 30-45 minutes- depending on the workout scheduled, except for core and stretching which is 60 minutes.


      Core and Stetching= green



What is it like?

30-45 minute workouts that will get your muscles moving and cardiovascular system pumping allowing you to lose fat and gain muscle!


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