4 tips on weight loss

It seems like every day you see something new like drop X lbs in X days or do this lose weight. But at the end of the day you need to figure out what works for the long term:

1. Set a baseline:
Where are you starting from? This is going to be different from Jane to Jessica to Mike so you need to figure out what you are starting at so you can notice the changes you make.

2. Figure out what changes you are making/ have made.

Do you know why you want to change? Without this- it will be like running on a track wondering when you will find the end and its an oval so it never ends.

If you are not happy with your weight- take a look at these 3- these are the utmost things that if you arent seeing changes- one of them is most likely needed to be done:

1)Increase the quantity and/or intensity of your exercise.
2)Improve your food quality and maintain or decrease the quantity.
3)Increase both the quality and quantity of your sleep.

3. After you do those 3 things and make those changes- track and measure your progress.
-Take photos
– Hop on the scale
– Do measurements
– do a body fat test
– What clothes size are you wearing

4. Final step- and this is huge especially during the summer time. Find someone to hold you accountable. Your health, fitness,and nutrition are totally important so when you don’t want to work out or feel like you are too busy- they keep ya to it. Its also someone who when you hang out could be like lets get this instead of that. You want to be pushed to be your best and healthiest self because thats where most likely you will be the healthiest.

If you need any help on these steps, shoot me a message- am here to help!

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