Strength for Life

Today I was working with one of my favorite clients- Dorothy. She’s a remarkable person- but we had a great chat in her session about progress over the past year.

For her when she started, she was saying no to going on trips with her family cause she thought it would be too difficult on her family- she’s 94 and didn’t want to slow them down. She totally couldve done it- but she didnt feel comfortable. Moving forward to today, shes leaving tomorrow to head to Virginia to see a family members graduation. She is so excited! Her win wasn’t to get to a certain size but to have better quality of life.

Why am I writing this?

What are you doing to get stronger for your life? If you are doing a health and fitness program…why are you doing it? For her being able to travel comfortably with her family was a good enough reason.

Without a good reason for doing something- what is your motivation to give it your all??

Find your why–> find your results

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