What to include in a workout program

So if you google internet, you’ll find about a jillion different pages on different workout programs. But the thing is- how do you know what movements to include or if you should do resistance training or just do cardio or a combination of both.

The thing is- there isn’t one simple answer it depends.

For general fitness- and fat loss- its a combination of both.

It could be as simple as 20 minutes of resistance training and then 20 minutes of cardiovascular training.

When doing resistance training, you want to make sure you have the following movements:

  • Squat/hinge
  • Pull
  • Push/
  • Single Leg Exercises
  • Carry
  • Core

Full body workouts are generally recommended as the body moves as a whole. For fat loss interval based approaches works well.

Say you are just looking to get stronger for life and feel better move better, 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps shows great results and minimizes risk also.

Cardiovascular training can help es[ecially for heart health and improving endurance.

A combination of both generally works the best in most cases. 3 days of resistance is ideal.

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